Hale Maluhia
76-770 Hualalai Road
Hawaii 96740
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From Kona Airport (KOA)
After leaving the airport, turn right on Highway 19, which will merge into Highway 11 at Palani Road. Continue on about 2 more miles south past the town of Kailua-Kona, and watch for a green reflective sign on the right that says Holualoa 3 Miles. Turn left at that intersection and go up the hill. (There is no stoplight, only a left turn lane). The name of our road is Hualalai Road.

About 1 ½ miles up this windy road, you will see 10 MPH signs on the right to slow down for a very sharp horse shoe turn. Also look for the 4 round blue reflectors on a power pole. Our Inn is in the middle of the horse shoe curve on the right. There is a lighted lamp post and a sign above the mailbox, Hale Maluhia Bed & Breakfast . For our Maile, Pikaki, Makua and Malia Rooms please turn into this concrete driveway in the center of the curve and go clear to the end to the second garage door. The front door will be on the right, porch lights will be on.

Please ring the Queen Mary ships bell at the office upon your arrival, we will be looking for you. For returning guests, you may go directly to your room, the key is in the door.

For our Banyan Cottage please continue on around and past this driveway, and look for the second mailbox that says "Banyan C". The number on the mailbox is 76-770 Hualalai Road. This is also visible at night. Turn right immediately into the Banyan Cottage parking area. The porch light will be on and the key will be in the door, you can go right in. We will be watching for you. If it is late, we will catch up with you in the . It is best to park with the back of the car to the Cottage for better vision in leaving.

Note: if you reach Lako Street on Highway 11, you have gone a little too far. Turn around and go north about a mile and look for the Holualoa 3 miles sign, and turn up the hill 1 ½ miles and as above. Hualalai Road is 1 mile north of Lako Street.

From Hilo:
Proceed north toward Kona on Highway 11 from the Volcano, passing through 4 stop lights: Kamehameha III, Sea View, Lako Street.

Look for the green Holualoa 3 miles sign, and turn right up the hill.

Proceed as above.

If you can give us an approximate arrival time that would be great, as some of the flights come in late. Please let us know if you have any questions. We wish you pleasant travels and look forward to your visit.

Local Information:
The travel time around the Big Island of Hawaii takes an actual driving time of about 5 hours. Hilo is the wettest city in the U.S. with 120 inches of rain per year and the Volcano area is a tropical rain forest of 200 inches per year. Kona is on the dry/sunny side of the island with 30 inches of rain per year and enjoys the best beaches.

We would be happy to arrange adventure trips including Kayak rentals, snorkeling, fishing, helicopter rides and boat cruises. Please ask us directions to the many natural and cultural sites on the island.

Please deduct 10% for stays of 7 nights or longer. Courtesy to Travel Agents.
Discounts do not apply and deposits are not refunded during special events and holidays

Reservations require a one night minimum deposit or 50% of the total reservation, which ever is greater. The room or cottage is considered "sold" at that time.

Thirty days prior to arrival date we do allow for a full refund of the deposit less a 10% booking fee. Deposit refund within 30 days of arrival is subject to re-booking. Cancellations within 7 days of arrival date and "no-shows" will be charged in full unless re-booked. All cancellations are charged a 10% booking fee. Cancellations must be made in writing and have management acknowledgment to be valid.

Check in time: 3PM
Check Out time: 11AM
There is a $25 per night charge fo additional guests.
We ask our guests to refrain from smoking indoors.

Hale Maluhia Country Inn is truly a "house of peace" with a local Hawaiian Up-country experience. The Inn is very comfortable with truly a touch of aloha from old Hawai'i. But it is not possible to control the country environment in our beautiful Hawaii setting. There are some coqui frogs in the area that sing at night. Wild turkeys may sometimes make a racket. A hen may be setting only a few feet from our driveway. Rancher Gomes's has chickens on his ranch across the way and his hunting dogs may smell a wild feral pig at night and want to go hunting. Our little country road is some what busy during commuter hours. As Hawaii has a few bugs and no frost so we have our hens on outside watch and gecko’s on inside watch. We truly enjoy our local Hawaiian Aloha ambiance and love living in the Kona Coffee Country. But we do not make refunds due to our normal country sounds. We are a very Peaceful Country Inn but please call us if you have any concerns as some do better in a concrete box down town.

For nearly 40 years now we have truly enjoyed our country ambiance and love living in the Hawaiian Kona Coffee Country. But please call us if you have any concerns. My pet gecko is named Murphy II, He lives by my computer and loves tea. He sometimes get his exercise by chasing my curser (thinks it's a bug). He is enjoying tea time as I write. Hale Maluhia Country Inn, is truly a Kona Coffee Country Inn, an aloha touch of old Hawai'i in the land of the Alii.


TOWELS: We do take inventory as to the towels and linen upon guests leaving and will charge your credit card $25.00 per towel or other items. It is difficult to find the time to try to match the towels or ? when lost or taken. Our beach towels cost $15. But we charge $25. for the towel and for the time to chase down a new one. Also white towels stained with makeup, tea bags and such will be charged for as the stain is permanent and will not wash out. Any other damage will also be addressed in a reasonable manner.

KEYS: As the room keys all have a master key so we have to make 2 trips to the locksmith to make sure the lock is changed for both the room key and the master key in the event that the key is lost. This is time consuming and expensive. The charge for a lost room key is $100.

SMOKING: When a guest smokes in a non-smoking room we have to clean every thing upon check out. The walls, furnishing, bed clothes, curtains, windows all must be cleaned. The charge for cleaning a smoked in room is $200. All of our rooms are none smoking. Some try smoking in the bathroom with the window open but we still have to totally clean the room and bathroom. As we do not carry fire and theft insurance there is a need for care with fire. Valuables should be locked in the Inn Safe.

Ken & Sue Smith - Owners
Ken's Cell: 808-896-8937
Hale Maluhia Country Inn
(house of peace) Kona
76-770 Hualalai Road
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740
Local 808-329-1123

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